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Doing right by our clients, doing right by our people

About Us

We know saying we’re a super customer-focused company is table stakes. But we also know there’s a difference between those who say they are customer-focused – and those who actually are.


The core team that started Liquid in 2015 saw an opportunity to increase the fluidity and agility of IT services to deliver what their customers needed. That team started with the intent of doing things differently (i.e., better) and have grown while staying true to those ideals today. 


In early 2024, Australian based IT provider Orro acquired Liquid, meaning we can now leverage the size and scale of Orro’s business, including up to 600 IT professional’s throughout Australasia. 


With Orro’s scale and Liquid’s focus within NZ, we don’t like to think of ourselves as a typical IT provider – we work best as partners, getting under the hood of our client’s businesses and worlds and becoming part of their teams. 


And the great work we do is only made possible by the team we have behind us. Not to brag, but we’re pretty sure we’ve managed to find all of the coolest nerds in NZ.

Leadership Team

Daryl Isaac
Director of Strategy and Product / Chief Technology Officer

John Steiner
Director of Cyber /

Chief Information Security Officer 

Grant Pratt
Director of Client Engagement

Angela Tunnell
Director of Services /

Chief Operating Officer 

Steve Whitehead
Director of Revenue

Nick Halikias
Managing Director


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