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Whether you’re using private or public cloud (or both), most businesses today are leveraging cloud technology for at least part if not all of their business operations.

This means having services to support and manage your endpoint and infrastructure – while ensuring compliance with NZ and international standards – is key.


Endpoint Management

Our Endpoint Management solution enables you to provision, secure, manage, and update all your endpoint devices (laptops, tablets, etc.) with ease – while also providing monthly security patching and reporting.

Cloud and Infrastructure Management

Whether you’re using on-premise or cloud-based infrastructure, we provide ongoing monitoring and management of your environment to ensure business continuity. This covers things like Capacity and Performance Monitoring, Patch Management, and Application/Service Monitoring.

Managed Meeting Rooms

With the increase in video calling and hybrid in-person/digital meetings, having fully supported and managed meeting room tech is essential for ensuring the smooth running of meetings.

Office Productivity

We support the deployment and ongoing management and operation of your Microsoft 365 tenant and the configuration of your specific set of tools (e.g., Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.).

Data Protection

With the amount of data businesses can now access and store, ensuring it’s appropriately backed up and protected is essential. We provide data backup and restoration services for both on-prem and cloud-based workloads.


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