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Everyone knows they need to be proactive in their cybersecurity approach.

As it is a dynamic landscape, finding the tools, time, and resources to stay on top of it all and protected is tough.
Our right-size (and independently verified) products for the NZ market – plus our local expertise – provides NZ businesses with pragmatic security management and advice.


Security Maturity Review

A security maturity review is designed to show the current security posture of your organisation and identify areas for improvement. This provides the foundation for creating a long-term and effective cybersecurity strategy, ensuring your business stays proactive – not complacent – when it comes to your security posture.


We offer security incident analysis, investigation, and alerting for enterprise environments. This service provides assurance that the security in your environment is well managed – and gives you early alerts if any issues arise, along with recommended actions.

Security Awareness

Employees are considered the weakest link in many businesses’ cyber security chains. We run security awareness programmes, simulating phishing attacks combined with user education programs, to measure and improve employee awareness and help keep businesses protected.

Collaboration Security

We provide security protections, visibility, and controls on your email and collaboration platforms. These remain the most common avenues that attackers use to try and compromise organisations – so securing them is paramount.

Vulnerability Management

This provides regular visibility of the cybersecurity exposure of all assets within your business. Giving you a benchmark that can be used to focus attention on vulnerable areas or ensure operational teams understand the vulnerabilities in your environment.

Zero-Trust Network Access

We provide a proven and well-managed set of services to enable your business to be truly zero-trust. This supports the wider change in architectural direction that many modern organisations are heading in.

Managed Firewall

We provide and maintain a fully featured next-generation firewall deployed either on your premises, in the cloud, or by us. This includes features like intrusion prevention, application control, identity control, and native integration with malware-free networks (MFN).



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