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Our Approach

Liquid started as we saw an opportunity to improve on the overly structured and siloed way IT services have traditionally been delivered to drive real customer experiences and value.

IT exists to support businesses. To do that well, there needs to be a balance between the things that need structure – and those that require more fluidity and flexibility.

Which is why we do things differently.

Rather than separate, isolated functions, we see IT as a highly interconnected and fluid space. One that allows businesses to change things as and when they need.

While our engagements vary from client to client, there are three key things that remain consistent in how we work.

Pragmatic Innovation

We’re not interested in innovating for innovation’s sake. There are always a lot of shiny new buzzwords and technologies in the IT space – so we know that we have to balance investing in the “new” with what’s going to benefit our customers.


This means any investments we do make are done with intent. We focus on innovating and creating pragmatic solutions which specifically address our client’s current and future needs.


While out-of-the-box solutions are sometimes exactly what you need, we know that this isn’t always the case. Having fluidity when and where required is key.

Knowing this, we use our experience to evolve and tailor our services when required. Ensuring our customers get the value and outcomes they need.

Service Quality

We think of ourselves as partners, not providers. This means we’re far more focussed on listening to what you need – as opposed to simply telling you.


We take a far more consultative approach to IT – we know businesses have unique operating environments. A one-size-fits-all approach to servicing clients doesn’t always factor in these intricacies.


We’ve structured our business to support the service quality we aim to provide. There’s no passing clients around from one person to the next – you get the same team regardless of who you are, ensuring consistent service quality.


We collaborate as a team to solve all issues – big or small – so that we can proactively respond to our client’s needs.


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